Research, efficiency, customization and product quality


UK kitchen manufacturer


A British kitchen manufacturer, due to requirements related to the introduction of new products, asks its usual supplier (an Italian competitor) for some minor changes, which take a long time to arrive.


Zanovello receives a quote query. As the customer’s products reach the workshop, based on the drawings received, the company produces a series of prototypes by hand in record time. He then invites the UK technical department to visit the production site when the prototypes are validated. The technical staff finds a faulty adjustment of the springs, which were found to be too ‘unloaded’.


By collaborating with a spring manufacturer from its supplier network, over the lunch hour Zanovello recalibrates the springs. The customer’s technical staff acknowledges that the service provided is of a superior nature and, once the product’s durability has been verified through life-cycle simulation tests, proposes to change the hinge supplier.