History, Mission & Vision


Our history began more than 60 years ago. We started in Padua in 1960. Since then, we have been designing and manufacturing a wide range of hinges for domestic and semi-professional ovens. The research gradually expanded through the study of products intended for new markets, particularly those for refrigeration and washing appliances.

Our strengths are undoubtedly the experience gained over the many years of work and research, as well as innovation on which we have never stopped investing and which, over time, has enabled us to develop solutions that have renewed the manufacturing standards of our products, to patent the most unique hinges and to turn the most traditional ones into absolute standards in the field worldwide. Our distinguishing feature has always been a high level of flexibility enabling our company to calibrate production, made entirely in Italy, to the specific needs of our customers, also in terms of volume of product to be produced.

All of this has enabled us today to reach the point of exporting to more than 20 countries around the world.


The peculiarities of our company have always made it possible for us to be one step ahead of time and anticipating the needs of our target markets. The vibrant nature and technical know-how of the design department will guarantee our ability to work successfully, also in the future, to exceed current standards, providing timely and effective responses to the needs of all our customers.


Our emphasis on innovation and quality has enabled us to become a manufacturing company which, in its fair size, is now able to respond to a wide variety of requirements in terms of research and supply, assisting our customers with an R&D department capable of truly designing a new customized product.

The company’s work takes the form of a true partnership with the clients in order to respond to their specific needs during the different development phases of the most suitable and performing product: from the analysis of the problem encountered to searching for the right solution, from the design and customization of the hinge to the ad hoc production of the quantities, even small ones, that may be useful to our clients.

We therefore focus our efforts on product technology related to the specific functions the product must have in terms of the energy classification of the appliance where it will be fitted, the containment of noise and vibration induced by the opening and closing movement, its durability and, last but not least, its cost.