Not suppliers, but partners with their customers


European multinational, top global brand, OEM in the professional washing industry.


Development of a hinge inside the wash tank, an innovative technical feature that would allow professional dishwashers (which until then did not use hinges) to have a hinge-controlled door opening rather than a free one.


Zanovello identifies a hinge model within its range that could meet the kinematic requirements of the end customer. The product is, however, made only of galvanized sheet metal, which is not resistant to the pH and temperature changes set within the washing chamber. On the other hand, stainless steel is not a material used by Zanovello in the production of its components. As a result, moulds and assembly lines are not suitable for this type of manufacturing.


Having identified the specifications of stainless steel components, Zanovello asks the OEM customer – who uses it daily – to search for manufacturers of components made of this material under their own specifications. At the same time, the two technical departments begin working on the creation of the prototype. Cost analysis shows that it is not cost-effective to renovate part of the moulds, but, at the same time, the relevant components could be prepared at the OEM by laser cutting. Zanovello then proposes a long-term cooperation contract to determine the investment needed for upgrading the moulds, the assembly lines and how the associated costs will be recovered. The collaboration between the two companies continues to this day, 10 years later.